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When 80s America went nostalgic for the 60s, David Marx fell right into the thick of it: The Wonder Years dominated his TV set, oldies ruled the radio on family road trips, and the only escape from 60s nostalgia for this Pensacola ten-year-old came in the form of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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Now a 25-year-old Japanese sub-culture scholar living in Tokyo, Marx has grown nostalgic for his 80s childhood-- and for the 60s nostalgia that defined that era's popular culture. It is this cultural-emotional media-created feedback loop of "nostalgia nostalgia" that inspired Marx's debut mini-LP Kyoshu Nostalgia ("kyoshu" is Japanese for "nostalgia"), a fast-paced 60s-by-means-of-80s psych-pop trip. Cooking Mitts

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You'll hear the familiar and intensely melodic traces of the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and the Zombies here, but what makes Kyoshu Nostalgia so compelling is Marxy's nostalgic-nostalgic vantage point: he's playing with genre without destroying it. He's introducing rhythmic and musical figures that would dizzy the Wilson brothers, but without sacrificing the accessibility of his melodies. He's imprinting Japanese orchestral pop and shoegazer noise onto the Western pop of the 60s, while acknowledging that, of course, 60s pop came first. Songs are highly stylized without being parodies, and most importantly, the past is confronted without simply being regurgitated. The album's as impressive as it is irresistible, smart as it is emotionally potent, and you can't say that about much pop music these days at all. Hose Nozzle Reviews

Beekeeper's Maxim gardenite

Started in 2004 by Pitchfork writers and off-on bandmates Matt LeMay and Nick Sylvester, Beekeeper Records puts out forward-thinking rock/pop albums and the occasional sideways-thinking klezmer compilation. The New York-based label believes truly new music is both a possibility-- like a skateboard made completely out of diamonds-- and an absolute necessity-- like drinkable water and wireless hotspots. The Beekeeper motto is simple: if you build it, make sure it's still light enough that you can do kickflips.

In the future, Beekeeper hopes to release a Brainiac rarities compilation, an out-of-print Citrus LP, and, fingers crossed, Guns and Roses' Chinese Democracy. In addition, Beekeeper is now accepting your band's demos. Please send promotional material to: Salt Mill and Pepper Grinder

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